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Sporting Supply Customer Appreciation Day - Fort Scott Munitions

Sporting Supply Customer Appreciation Day


Customer satisfaction is huge for us at Fort Scott Munitions, so when there’s a customer of ours that invites us to help them host their customer appreciation day, we are always excited to jump at the opportunity to help! Sporting Supply is an outdoor sporting supply store that sells hunting supplies and accessories that includes Fort Scott Munitions ammo in Harrisonville, MO.

To call their customer appreciation day a success would be an understatement. “It was a very good experience. They [Fort Scott Munitions] represented their company very well and we were happy to have them in for our sale,” shared Mike with Sporting Supply. He continued, “It was really nice the way they represented themselves and they did a very good job selling their product.”

Within the first two hours or so of the sale, we had completely sold out of ammo. “They were willing to go and get more order for us because we sold out and they made the effort to go back to Fort Scott to get more ammo to bring it back for us,” said Mike. After the two and a half hour round trip, we were back to working with Sporting Supply and their customers.

In addition to being sold in their store, Fort Scott Munitions ammo is used exclusively on their hunting show All Seasons Pursuit. “We are happy to have them [Fort Scott Munitions] as part of our store and as part of our hunt show as well,” said Mike. He continued, “We sold their product well and we are still selling their items well and we are very happy with everything…all of our customers are very happy with them.”

Robbie Forester, General Manager, shared, “It’s nice to go to new customers and have such a great day with them while selling our products. It makes for a great partnership and helps to build a strong relationship.” And having that strong relationship with our customers is very important to us. Mike concluded, “We are pretty excited about the partnership and hope it grows into something really good.”

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