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 Introducing Tumble Upon Impact® Bundles

We want to give you the opportunity to be able to test out the different caliber grain weights to see which one functions best in your firearms at a better price point. We understand that each firearm functions different and this will eliminate the question of which grain weight works best for your situation. 

300 BLACKOUT 115GR TUI® (20 Rounds)

300 BLACKOUT 150GR TUI® (20 Rounds)

300 BLACKOUT 190GR TUI® SUBSONIC (20 Rounds)


    • Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact® design
    • Superior penetration
    • Non lead, Solid Copper Spun SCS® bullet

Fort Scott Munitions® Tumble Upon Impact® ammunition is an all in one designed cartridge. From hunting, match shooting, to every day carry self defense, this ammunition offers superior results for every occasion. The TUI® bullets are machined from solid copper or brass rods on a CNC lathe. With the quality control that we require every day and the tight tolerances we keep our projectiles, you are able to trust and expect the same results with every pull of the trigger. With the bullets being solid copper or brass, you have no moving parts to rely on. Unlike most ammo, the TUI® rounds do the most damage internally instead of first contact with skin. With our patented design, our TUI® ammo tumbles end over end when it comes in contact with water based tissue, creating a more devastating wound channel