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A Family Tradition - Fort Scott Munitions

A Family Tradition

There is something to be said about the amazing bond between father and son. When that father and son grow to share a passion such as hunting, that bond will last a lifetime. We can see that bond between Jamie Ramirez Sr. and his son Jamie Ramirez Jr. (JJ). They enjoy hunting, taking hunt photos and making videos together about their hunts to put on JJ’s new YouTube Channel Young Buck Hunter.

JJ is a 10 year old avid hunter in Texas and started using Fort Scott Munitions Brush Hog 300 AAC Blackout ammo last year and fell in love. His dad said, “He is completely sold on these and will not let me buy anything else.” JJ shared in a video on his YouTube channel this story of his recent hog hunt with this dad, “I shot mine and he shot his and mine dropped immediately and his ran. He was using some other brand of bullet and now he switched to this brand of bullet because he knows he can drop his hogs with this kind of bullet.”

We enjoy hearing about others success with our ammo and love it as much as we do. Jamie Ramirez Sr. told us that many hunters in his area question the capabilities of the 300 Blackout round for big hogs but, after they show them the Fort Scott Munitions ammo and the pictures of their harvest, they don’t question it anymore.

Since the father and son duo started using Fort Scott Munitions ammo, they proudly share that they have not missed a single hog or doe yet and they have all dropped with ease. “We want to thank Fort Scott Munitions for making this bullet. This bullet works! It helps a lot. If you want to drop your hogs or deer, this is the bullet I suggest to use,” said JJ.

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