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380 - Fort Scott Munitions


In the deer stand as the final shooting hours began to close in, Robbie Forester and his daughter were getting discouraged that they wouldn’t be shooting a deer since they hadn’t seen any that day. That was until a group of doe walked right by the stand and out to the feeder. Robbie always carries his 380 Bodyguard pistol with him and decided to take a shot. Knowing he could make the shot he went for it and pulled shot to the right. He shot her between the rib cage and hip causing the bullet to go in to the spine and, even though he pulled his shot to the right, he still dropped her where she stood.

In complete shock and amazement, Robbie and his daughter tried to wait around for the other deer to leave before climbing down to check the doe but his daughter was either going to go to the restroom in the stand or on the ground so they climbed down early. Robbie walked off exactly 35 yards from the base of the stand to where the doe had been shot. He walked off another 20 yards to where the doe had drug herself  and found that she was still alive so he shot her in the neck to relieve her from her suffering. He said, “As an average shooter, I feel this 380 ammo made me a great shot.”

Robbie’s two daughters, nephew and dad all joined him for the recovery of the doe in the Fort Scott Munitions Hummer. “I just want to thank Fort Scott Munitions for producing this ammo that I can believe in. It is bar-none the best ammo and I enjoy having the opportunity to shoot and hunt with it,” shared Robbie of the ammo. He continued, “I fully believe in it and wouldn’t question carrying it for target practice, self-defense and hunting because, if you can shoot a deer with it, you can do almost anything.”

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