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300 - Fort Scott Munitions


Sergeant First Class Aaron Coleman came up empty handed last year when was using another brand of 300 Blackout ammo. He had shot a deer and the ammo didn’t have enough power to take it down so he couldn’t find the deer afterword. This year, Coleman switched to Fort Scott Munitions 300 Blackout ammo to try out.

When he shot his deer, he was too far back and it ran off so he was afraid that it didn’t kill it and was planning to give up entirely on 300 Blackout. That was until he followed the blood trail and was able to find the deer 100 yards away, dead on the ground.

After opening up the deer, he found a massive wound cavity caused by Fort Scott Munitions devastating tumble. With Fort Scott Munitions 300 Blackout ammo, he was able to make a kill that other brands wouldn’t have been able to make. SFC Aaron Coleman said that the 300 Blackout ammo has made him a believer in the overall capabilities of Fort Scott munitions ammo.

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