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Shooting targets are constructed of a high-quality paper.

  • Package of 25
  • Size: 24 x 34 inches


A “best of all worlds” target developed with the distance shooter in mind,
but offers options for all day shooting of any kind.

Designed to provide a variety of engagement and training options for the precision rifle shooter, the Variable Engagement Target System is an “all-in-one and go-all-day” tool for carbine and rifle shooters. We have included everything needed to conduct a full day of training on here without the need to continually change target after target down range.

A one-by-one sublimated grid lays the foundation for all the various engagement options on the target. We were able to fit traditional 100m zeroing grids, a whole set of 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, and 8” discs for tactical or precision shooting, and to top it all off a full size silhouette with anatomical considerations built right in.


  • An incredibly versatile target that is still easy to read and engage at longer rifle distances
  • Two-tone target ring design makes it easy to identify hits and misses even at distance
  • Best of all worlds — multiple 100yd zero grids, various sized discs for over-MOA and sub-MOA tests at one stable shooting distance, silhouette and anatomic training capable, etc.
  • Designed with the shooter in mind, more on-target shooting options mean less time spent replacing target after target down range
  • 1”x 1” sublimated grid background can be used as a zeroing and windage tool as needed
  • Specially selected “high-vis” orange highlights with contrast provides optimal visual acuity, even at extended distances
  • An effective target for all shooting disciplines including handgun, carbine and precision rifle
  • Constructed of a high-quality paper

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