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9MM Luger TUI® - 115Gr Ammo

Original price $ 29.07 - Original price $ 1,413.50
Original price
$ 29.07
$ 29.07 - $ 1,413.50
Current price $ 29.07
Size: 20/Box

COAL : 1.155"





    • Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact® design
    • Superior penetration
    • Non lead, Solid Copper Spun SCS®  bullet

Fort Scott Munitions® Tumble Upon Impact® ammunition is an all in one designed cartridge. From hunting, match shooting, to every day carry self defense, this ammunition offers superior results for every occasion. The TUI® bullets are machined from solid copper or brass rods on a CNC lathe. With the quality control that we require every day and the tight tolerances we keep our projectiles, you are able to trust and expect the same results with every pull of the trigger. With the bullets being solid copper or brass, you have no moving parts to rely on. Unlike most ammo, the TUI® rounds do the most damage internally instead of first contact with skin. With our patented design, our TUI® ammo tumbles end over end when it comes in contact with water based tissue, creating a more devastating wound channel

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ammo you can trust!

I went into my local gun store to buy some ammo last year and I saw a box of these on the shelf. After talking with the owner I was convinced and bought it. I have purchased 4 of the 115 grain and 2 of the 80 grain boxes as well. I currently carry the 115 grain in my EDC. I have no complaints about this ammo so far and I plan on buying more in the future

William Byous

I absolutely love how it feeds and leaves my S&W MP compact 9mm barrel clean. Accuracy and recoil is really sweet. I bought 3 boxes from a gun shop near me. Still have 15 rounds left till I can afford more. I'm a disabled vet with limited income who loves the range time when I can. The TUI 115 grain 9mm is my only choice. Winning any amount would be awesome and appreciated from Fort Scott Munitions

Sully C
Absolutely beautiful felt recoil, INSANELY accurate, but oneeeee thing they need to change ASAP

First off let me say I absolutely love FSM! The bullet concept, what it can actually do to not only body armor, but ballistic gel is great. And the data we are seeing from live animal kills is also great. I must say, this is the BEST felt recoil I have ever felt out of a defensive load. It’s honestly like a “thump” or a “thunk” type recoil it’s hard to explain, but man is it easily time-able and minimal. And out to 25 yards it’s VERY accurate. More so than my HST’s or my backup Speer Gold dots, OR heck even my 90grain +P Underwood Extreme Defenders. I can literally stack rounds at 25yrds which is insane. (Yes freehand standing).

That said, there is ONE THING…. ONE THING I am begging Fort Scott to change. And I don’t know if this is how they achieve that amazing low recoil sensation… but these are fire dragon rounds. Every single round puts out a gorgeous four point star explosion out of the barrel. It’s insanely bright and produces a massive flash especially when I’m running my Agency Arms comp, or my Evolution One Zero comp. Now for you iron sights shooters it shouldn’t really bother you at all. But for us red dot pistol shooters, it literally washes out the entire RMR/509T window completely white. At first I thought maybe my red dot went nuts for a sec, and then I mag dumped only to discover it’s definitely the rounds they just produce a massive starburst. That is the ONLY thing keeping me from giving a five star rating. Fix that small issue & it’ll be 5 stars for sure!!!

Sam Lindh
What's not to like?

Like most, I had about had it with the "hollow point" debates and other b.s about what works vs. what doesn't in the ammo community.
What's not to like about a solid projectile with FMJ feed reliability and the ballistic performance to back it?
Fort Scott works in every platform I've put it through, to include... G19 / G43 / P226 / M9A3 / 1911 / Shield / P250 and even a SCCY CPX-2.
More local retailers would be the only thing I would change.

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