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308 Win SCS® TUI® - 168Gr Ammo

Original price $ 50.49 - Original price $ 969.80
Original price
$ 50.49
$ 50.49 - $ 969.80
Current price $ 50.49
Size: 20/Box

COAL : 2.780"





    • Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact® design
    • Superior penetration
    • Non lead, Solid Copper Spun SCS®  bullet

Fort Scott Munitions® Tumble Upon Impact® ammunition is an all in one designed cartridge. From hunting, match shooting, to every day carry self defense, this ammunition offers superior results for every occasion. The TUI® bullets are machined from solid copper or brass rods on a CNC lathe. With the quality control that we require every day and the tight tolerances we keep our projectiles, you are able to trust and expect the same results with every pull of the trigger. With the bullets being solid copper or brass, you have no moving parts to rely on. Unlike most ammo, the TUI® rounds do the most damage internally instead of first contact with skin. With our patented design, our TUI® ammo tumbles end over end when it comes in contact with water based tissue, creating a more devastating wound channel


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tyler Rodenbeck
Shoots great kills fast

Bought a box from a local gun store and took some out pig hunting and some to an sfsc 2 course in the match accuracy is spot on and is definitely a one shot drop on any Pig in the cross hairs. Can't wait to shoot the 175s as I normally shoot lr118 ammo out to 1000yds. Accuracy should stay the same from the 168s to the 175s but Windrift should improve using 175s

Steven Agee
Awesome stuff!

I wish I could include a picture with this. We recovered one of these .308 from a pig i shot in Texas. The expansion was perfect. My buddy was shooting a .223 and took several shots to take his hogs down. Shooting Fort Scott .308 I dropped every hog I shot with one round! This stuff is beautiful.

Bill W
Amazing Ammo

Mr. Forester,
Thank you for the reply, I sure hope you make it. Everything I have, I run Fort Scott through it. I have not had an issue yet and the 308 168 Brush Hogs are what I am currently deploying on my sniper system. You guys make some bada%* ammo and I hope the 5.7x28mm is the next one.

Thanks again, you guys really know what customer support is.

Nothing better

This is the best .308 ammo I’ve ever shot. It’s hard hitting and dead nutz accurate. You need to be prepared to field dress your deer because TUI is the real deal and we all know what destroyed organs do to meat if left unattended. I’ve shot the .308 and .40 S&W and loved them both. Now I need to test their ammo in my AR15.