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About Fort Scott Munitions®

Fort Scott Munitions® 

6.5 Creedmoor TUI®

6.5 Creedmoor TUI®

Founded in 2012, after a few different designs and configurations, our owner and gunsmith came together to create a type of ammunition that was like no other. With the idea of coming up with a bullet that will tumble and a design where the bullet tumbles multiple times, the Tumble Upon Impact® TUI® was invented.  Our TUI® design is multi-federal patented and no other ammo out there is like it. Unlike most ammo where it does majority of its damage on skin or material impact, the TUI® ammo starts its effect when it comes in contact with water based tissue. The further entry before starting its tumble, gives it the advantage and creates more devastating wound cavities which means better results. TUI® ammunition is CNC lathed from solid copper or solid brass rods and with tight tolerances we keep our specifications, you will have the same accuracy and effect with each shot. Fort Scott Munitions® gives you the advantage when you use the TUI® ammo in any scenario, from hunting, competition shooting, to defense carry.


 TUI® 5.56 Nato and 9MM testing