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Rifle Projectiles

Fort Scott Munitions’®, FSM® monolithic, solid copper projectiles are specially engineered to tumble when striking water-based tissue. This Tumble Upon Impact® TUI® design ensures that the distribution of damage primarily occurs internally instead of at first contact with skin, resulting in a clean, ethical kill. Our ammo violently flips end-over-end once hitting fluid, cutting through everything in its path as well as creating a larger surface area of damage.

  • .284-120-SCP1 Projectile

    Original price $ 41.54 - Original price $ 810.80
    Original price
    $ 41.54 - $ 810.80
    $ 41.54 - $ 810.80
    Current price $ 41.54

    Outstanding Accuracy and Terminal Performance Patented, Tumble Upon Impact® Design Solid Copper match-grade projectiles The velocity is calculate...

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