Plastic Shooting Targets - Variety Pack

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Shooting targets are constructed of a high quality plastic 

  • Variety package of 10 different designs
  • Size: 7 x 14 inches
  • Fort Scott Munitions™ is now offering a full line of an innovative new shooting targets design: HardTargets™ – These unique shooting targets are constructed of a high quality plastic composite and have been specifically designed to fold into free-standing 7 x 14 inches rife or handgun shooting targets. Offered in a variety of designs for sighting in rifles, improving handgun accuracy or just plinking on a weekend, HardTargets™ are a unique, cost-effective, high quality alternative to traditional paper shooting targets.

    HardTargets™ are shipped flat in a variety package of 10. Simply folding the sides backward and the base forward creates a free-standing design that can then be nailed to a stable surface.

    Don’t have a flat surface to fix the target to? HardTargets™ also feature a nail slot at the top, allowing them to be pinned to a vertical backstop as well.

    • Weather-proof PVC construction
    • Vivid, high-quality digital print
    • Patent pending free-standing design
    • Multiple nail slots for added placement options
    • Sold in variety packages of 10 different designs

    Shooting Ranges use paper or durable plastic shooting targets as their primary target type. Our durable plastic composite shooting targets are perfect for indoor or outdoor ranges. Whether you’re using rifle or Handgun Ammo, our plastic shooting targets are constructed to last as long as your ammunition does.

    Individuals use all types of targets; from paper targets to an empty aluminum can. Fort Scott Munitions™ HardTargets are a new and inexpensive way of getting in target practice without sacrificing quality.