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Pistol 1 Fundamentals - Basic Room Clearing / Sep. 23-24

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Day 1: Baseline Pistol Fundamentals and Basic Room ClearingStarting with a dry weapon system, we will discuss different methods to clear our garments, draw strokes, weapon presentation, and re holstering. You will learn …

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Day 1: Baseline Pistol Fundamentals and Basic Room Clearing
Starting with a dry weapon system, we will discuss different methods to clear our garments, draw strokes, weapon presentation, and re holstering. You will learn how to draw your weapon from a holster; and will have the ability to work on muzzle discipline and movement. 

As we progress in the morning, we will begin to discuss cover, concealment, and angles before lunch as we transition to the shoot house for force on force.

Basic Room Clearing:

This is where we will be able to implement the fundamentals we learned.  but more so focus on understanding movement, angles, and possible close encounters. The Basic Room Clearing, will consist of set parameters from light hands on contact, to self-defense within a small space, or scenarios of home protection.  This introduction to room clearing will train you for enclosed confinement, moving, self-defense or personal protection within a home, which will give you a foundation for level 2 courses such as CQB or room clearing with family members, and other variables.

After spending day 1 fine tuning the basics and understanding your weapon platform; on day 2 you get to apply it all.  With key takeaways from room clearing, and an understanding of maneuvering with a firearm; the progression into live fire, will enable you to start utilizing movement, shooting from cover or concealment and some added target transitions.


Day 2: Crawl, Walk, Run!

Day 2 will begin with cold start drills and progress to end the day with applying movement and shooting as practiced in the room clearing.  As skillset allows, reloads, malfunctions, target transitions, repetitions from holster, and moving and shooting will be incorporated.


Topics Covered

Required Gear

  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Draw – Weapon Presentation
  • Trigger Control
  • Sight Alignment
  • Recoil Management
  • movement

Instructor: Michael Billings

Michael Billings turned his passions into a business by putting countless hours of training and learning into his skillset. Michael served as a United States Army Reserve, Combat Engineer where he was able to learn more operational tactics during his time in training. Michael spent close to 10 years working security in downtown Nashville. Michael became a licensed armed security guard, working security and soon managing a company team and training.  Michael began firearms instructing in 2017 while continuing to train and learn amongst great instructors. In 2019 Michael apprenticed under a Veteran Navy SEAL. During his training Michael had the opportunity to work with several Swat teams and government agencies all over the U.S. Michael has spent time working private security and personal detail for clients during his experience. Michael continues to travel and train amongst tier instructors in the community. Currently, Michael is one of Kris Paronto’s Lead Instructor with Battle Line Tactical.  Michael works actively with companies and instructors with an approach to bringing about more awareness and services to those seeking the knowledge and training.