We want to continue to be able to supply the small business owners and mom and pop shops that carry our ammunition, so we are removing ammunition from our website for the time being.

Though you won’t be able to purchase ammo on our website, it’s still available at dealers across the country!
Please go to our dealer locator to find one near you. Purchasing from a local dealer means you get to shop local and support a small business, while still supporting your favorite ammunition company. Orders placed on or before 3/1/21 will still be fulfilled.

Pack & Load | Range Ammo

$ 18.49

Pack & Load by The Right Tool Company featuring Range Ammo by Fort Scott Munitions.

"Pack & Load, the UPGRADED ammo box"

Comes with 30 Rounds of Range Ammo By Fort Scott Munitions

Range ammunition is Non-TUI®/Non-Solid Copper 

Ammo PACKAGING that LOADS straight to the MAGAZINE! You do not have to touch the ammo!

FREE Target & AR tool!

1) Remove wrapper along the perforated edge located at top. Save wrapper for target.

2) Lay Pack & Load flat in hand. Locate removable tab at bottom of ammo rounds. Pull tab straight out using lip on top of tab.
3) Place Pack & Load cup on top of magazine, lining up bullet end with bullet end in magazine. (Hold firmly on magazine)
4) With other hand, place index finger on top of pusher saddle, thumb and middle finger on each end of pusher.
5) Firmly press downward, driving rounds into magazine. Keep constant pressure down until rounds are fully in. (Note: do not pull up until the rounds are in magazine. This can cause kick back and result in a round not being inserted.)

Caution: Pack & Load can force one additional round into some magazines. If you have a partially loaded magazine or a magazine that holds less than 30 rounds, insert one round at a time. Remove Pack & Load from magazine, inspect magazine to ensure last round is not too tight. 

Safety Rules: To avoid injury (1) Use only ammunition of the caliber for which your firearm is chambered; never attempt to use ammunition of any other caliber. (2) Keep all ammunition in a cool, dry place and free of oil. (3) Keep the barrel of your firearm free of all obstructions and always pointed in a safe direction. (4) Do not use or shoot cartridges that are corroded, have burns, dents, or scratches, have a temperature exceeding 135° F, or are improperly seated. (5)  Immediately stop shooting and check the barrel and any cylinder if you feel unusual resistance in chambering a cartridge, a shot sounds weak, a cartridge misfires (does not go off), or the firearm mechanism fails to extract a fired cartridge. (6) Never attempt to shoot or blow a cartridge out of the bore by shooting another cartridge or a blank. 
Warning: Discharge firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, cancer and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure. 
Notice: These cartridges are adapted to and intended for use only in arms in good condition, originally chambered and designed for cartridge. 

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