5.56 NATO SBS® TUI™ - 62Gr Rifle Ammo

$ 19.99

Amazing Accuracy and Terminal Performance

  • Solid Brass Spun (SBS™) bullet, Non-lead
  • Tumble Upon Impact, Patented Design
  • Match grade ammunition
  • Fort Scott Munitions’ (FSM®) 62 grain 5.56 SBS™ Brass Hog® rifle ammo is a match grade, solid brass bullet that is specifically designed to Tumble Upon Impact™ to provide critical lethal effects in every situation. This round is designed to be primarily used as precision ammo for hunting rifles, Brass Hog® bullets are also highly capable and reliable for use in law enforcement and self-defense.

    Accurate and Ethical
    If you are a hunter, you already know how important it is to have ammo with great accuracy. While using the 62 gr 5.56 NATO SBS™ Brass Hog® ammunition, you can rest assured that your ammo will not infringe upon your aim. The 62 grain 5.56 Brass Hog® rifle ammunition is made from high quality projectiles, casings, powder, and primers that will give you a dependable and consistent performance you can count on.

    Designed to maximize soft tissue trauma and to quickly stop your prey, this round delivers an accurate shot. The Tumble Upon Impact™ action insures a fast, humane kill perfect for varmint control and hunting small to medium game. This uniquely designed, patented spitzer shape delivers excellent precision in each round.

    Brass Ammo
    You can easily target varmints and game ranging in size from wood chucks to coyotes and hogs with confidence that the strong terminal performance of the 5.56 SBS™ Brass Hog® will get the job done. The ballistic advantage of this bullet ensures you get the most from every hunting trip. That makes this the perfect round for smaller hunters and shooters.

    Ammo for Offense and Defense
    Not only is the 5.56 SBS™ Brass Hog® great for hunting, it is also a great self-defense round. If you own a rifle like an AR-15 for self-defense, this ammunition is an ideal choice. In a critical situation, you can’t afford to have to think twice. These bullets neutralize and incapacitate an assailant with just one shot. The 5.56 SBS™ Brass Hog® is even perfect for law enforcement to use in the force. It has a patented, Tumble Upon Impact™ design that ensures maximum tissue damage from a single shot.

    WARNING Do not engage targets on or near hard to clean surfaces.
  • Caliber 5.56 NATO
    Grain 62
    FPS Avg: 3200
    BC 0.354
    Bullet Design Solid Brass Spun (SBS™)
    Size OAL: .990”; COAL 2.255”
    SAAMI Standards Yes
    Count 20
    UPC 758381721167
    Loaded 20 Round Box Weight 0.70

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