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.300 Blackout SCS® TUI™ - 115Gr Rifle Ammo/Bulk Ammo

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Exceptional accuracy and terminal performance

    • Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact™ design
    • Non-lead, solid copper spun (SCS®) bullet
    • Match grade ammunition
  • Fort Scott Munitions™ .300 AAC BLK TUI™ rifle ammo is a match grade, solid copper spun bullet, uniquely engineered to Tumble Upon Impact™ upon entry into soft tissue creating extensive damage. Although they were designed primarily as precision ammo for hunting rifles, TUI™ bullets are also highly capable and reliable for use in law enforcement and self-defense.

    The Ultimate in Hunting Ammunition
    A successful hunting season often comes down to a single shot. Our precision-machined solid copper bullets boast some of the tightest tolerances in the industry, and each match-grade projectile is engineered to Tumble Upon Impact™ upon entry into soft tissue. The energy released from the tumbling action is enough to tear vital organs and disrupt major bodily rhythms, while mitigating the risks of over-penetration, ensuring a quick, ethical kill.

    Lead-Free and Lethal
    Enjoy the freedom to hunt anywhere with these lead-free, monolithic copper projectiles!

    Incredibly Effective in Defense and Enforcement
    In addition to field use, the .300 AAC BLK TUI™ represents a smart choice for self-defense purposes. If you prefer a rifle for your personal/home defense, this hard-hitting ammunition is definitely for you. Perfect for law enforcement as well, the .300 AAC BLK TUI™, will stop targets with surety to save innocent lives.

    WARNING Do not engage targets on or near hard-to-clean surfaces.

  • Caliber .300AAC BLACKOUT
    Grain 115
    FPS Avg: 2219
    BC 0.240
    Bullet Design Solid Copper Spun (SCS®)
    Size OAL: 1.032”; COAL: 2.036”
    SAAMI Standards Yes
    Count 20
    UPC 758381721150
    Loaded 20 Round Box Weight 0.80
  • Sergent Aaron Coleman - 300AAC Fort Scott Munitions - HuntSergeant First Class Aaron Coleman came up empty-handed last year when was using another brand of .300 Blackout ammo. He had shot a deer and the ammo didn’t have enough power to take it down so he couldn’t find the deer afterward. This year, Coleman switched to Fort Scott Munitions .300 Blackout ammo to try out.

    When he shot his deer, he was too far back and it ran off so he was afraid that it didn’t kill it and was planning to give up entirely on .300 Blackout. That was until he followed the blood trail and was able to find the deer 100 yards away, dead on the ground.

    After opening up the deer, he found a massive wound cavity caused by Fort Scott Munitions' devastating tumble. With Fort Scott Munitions .300 Blackout ammo, he was able to make a kill that other brands wouldn’t have been able to make. SFC Aaron Coleman said that the .300 Blackout ammo has made him a believer in the overall capabilities of Fort Scott Munitions ammo.

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