We want to continue to be able to supply the small business owners and mom and pop shops that carry our ammunition, so we are removing ammunition from our website for the time being.

Though you won’t be able to purchase ammo on our website, it’s still available at dealers across the country!
Please go to our dealer locator to find one near you. Purchasing from a local dealer means you get to shop local and support a small business, while still supporting your favorite ammunition company. Orders placed on or before 3/1/21 will still be fulfilled.

.264-123-SCP Rifle Projectile/Bulk

$ 42.74

Outstanding Accuracy and Terminal Performance

  • Patented, Tumble Upon Impact™ Design
  • Solid Copper match-grade projectiles
  • The velocity is calculated based on the SAAMI unit using the average of 20 rounds.

    Loaded as 6.5 Grendel

    Never load casings under 75% of available volume. (With projectile fully seated.)

    Powder Type Max Load Grain FPS(AVG)
    Hodgdon 335 25.6 2373
    Hodgdon BL-C(2) 28.8 2459
    Ramshot TAC 26.6 2461
    IMR 8208 XBR 24.4 2354
    Hodgdon CFE 223 30.5 2551
    Hodgdon Varget 26.2 2366


    Projectile ID .264-123-SCP
    Projectile UPC 758381721174
    Grain Weight 123gr
    Overall Length 1.4115"
    Bullet Diameter .2640"
    Ballistic Coefficient
    Projectile 50 Round Box Weight 1.20


    We follow the guidelines set by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, Inc (SAMMI) Specs in order to provide safety to our customers. Everything is measured within the tolerance of pressure and COAL set by SAMMI Specs. Never load casings under 75% of available volume. (With projectile fully seated.)