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We at Fort Scott Munitions believe that if you were limited to only one tool, it should be a quality knife with a sharp edge. A knife is not only a cutting tool but an offensive or defensive weapon should the need arise. From cutting rope and limbs to skinning animals, opening cans or fighting off an aggressor, a high quality knife should be up to the task.

Buying a knife is not the time to get cheap. You can't afford broken blades or handles when you are really counting on your knife. Weak or brittle steel blades will get you injured, and a blade that won't hold an edge will frustrate you. Fort Scott Munitions has elected to offer only a few knives that we believe to be very high quality. Our knives range from heirloom quality knives with Damascus steel blades, exotic wood and bone handles to multi-purpose survival knives with high carbon steel and no-nonsense military knives; these knives are work horses!

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