We want to continue to be able to supply the small business owners and mom and pop shops that carry our ammunition, so we are removing ammunition from our website for the time being.

Though you won’t be able to purchase ammo on our website, it’s still available at dealers across the country!
Please go to our dealer locator to find one near you. Purchasing from a local dealer means you get to shop local and support a small business, while still supporting your favorite ammunition company. Orders placed on or before 3/1/21 will still be fulfilled.

9MM/5.56 Accuracy Pack

Save 20%
$ 147.07
$ 117.66

Save 20% on this Steal of a Deal. You don't want to miss out on this great Accuracy Pack. Combining our most popular calibers, 9MM & 5.56 in each grain weight. With this Pack, you will receive each of these round grain weights at a discounted price. This way you are certain you will get the most accurate load for less out of both your handgun and your rifle.

This Pack Includes:

  • 1 Box of 9MM 80gr TUI™
  • 1 Box of 9MM 115gr TUI™
  • 1 Box of 9MM 125gr TUI™
  • 1 Box of 5.56 NATO 55gr Copper TUI™
  • 1 Box of 5.56 NATO 62gr Copper TUI™
  • 1 Box of 5.56 NATO 62gr Brass TUI™

NOTICE: This is already a discounted product. No other discounts may be applied to this item.