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7MM-08 Rem SCS® TUI™ - 120GR Rifle Ammo/Bulk Ammo

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Unbelievable Terminal Performance and Accuracy

    • Outstanding Accuracy and Terminal Performance 
    • Non-lead, Solid Copper Spun (SCS®) Bullet
    • Match Grade Ammunition
    • Multi-Patented Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI) Design
  • Fort Scott Munitions™ 7mm-08 TUI™ ammo is a match grade bullet made of solid copper and engineered to Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI) providing devastating stopping power. Designed with the precision hunter in mind, you can rest assured that each shot will hit its mark with Fort Scott Munitions™ 7mm-08. 

    Unmatched Hunting Performance
    If you are a hunter, you know that pinpoint accuracy is crucial in the field. That is why 7mm-08 TUI™ ammo is manufactured from the highest quality components, to ensure consistently superior performance over other hunting ammunition. When you only have one shot- make it count. 

    Made to deliver significant soft tissue damage and bring your target down quickly, Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI) rifle ammo has excellent weight retention and penetration. Our Multi-Patented TUI™ design assures a swift, humane kill with every shot. Perfect for shooting mid/large game and predators, the uniquely crafted and multi-patented shape delivers unbeatable precision.

    Our Solid Copper Spun® projectiles allow you to hunt anywhere that lead ammo is prohibited!

    See Ballistic Brilliance in Action
    Witness the ballistic superiority of the Tumble Upon Impact™ design for yourself. Take a look at our extensive testing that we have available for you, visit our YouTube Channel for more information. Our R&D team works tirelessly to provide you reliable ammunition that transcends traditional designs. As a result you can be sure that 7mm-08 TUI™ ammo won’t fail you when performance matters most.

    WARNING Do not engage targets on or near hard to clean surfaces.

  • Caliber 7MM-08
    Grain 120
    FPS Avg: 3019
    BC 0.436
    Bullet Design Solid Copper Spun (SCS®)
    Size OAL 1.2335 COAL 2.780
    SAAMI Standards Yes
    Count 20
    UPC 758381721365
    Loaded 20 Round Box Weight 1.30

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