9MM Luger TUI® - 80Gr Handgun Ammo/Bulk Ammo

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Unbelievable Accuracy and Terminal Performance Non-lead, solid copper spun (SCS®) bullet Superior penetration Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact® design Fort Scott Munitions® 9MM Luger TUI® ammo is a …

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Unbelievable Accuracy and Terminal Performance

    • Non-lead, solid copper spun (SCS®) bullet
    • Superior penetration
    • Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact® design

Fort Scott Munitions® 9MM Luger TUI® ammo is a match grade handgun bullet, with a Tumble Upon Impact® action that exceeds the performance of a standard expanding bullet for decisive terminal impact. Engineered to create a dynamic wound cavity, the unique patented design of our Tumble Upon Impact® 9MM Luger pistol ammunition provides superior performance.

Unfailingly Accurate

If you carry a small caliber handgun for personal defense, you know your life may depend on accurate bullet placement. This fast, powerful round gives you superior accuracy and a tactical advantage in any situation. Fort Scott Munitions® ammo is loaded to match-grade specifications, and ensures accuracy in a critical situation. When you need small caliber home defense ammunition that you can trust your life with, 9MM Luger TUI® ammo is a sure-fire solution. 

Potent and Powerful

Our 9MM Luger shells are the ideal choice when you need large caliber effectiveness from an easily concealable handgun. Each solid copper projectile is precision machined for deadly accuracy, and is engineered to Tumble Upon Impact® when hitting soft tissue resulting in devastating wound cavities. Representing the pinnacle of ballistic effectiveness, this handgun ammunition proves that lethal force from a small caliber bullet is not only possible, but something you can count on.

Superior in Law Enforcement and Security

The pinpoint accuracy and terminal performance of 9MM Luger TUI® ammo makes it eminently suitable for law enforcement and security work, as well as for civilian home protection and self-defense. Each 80-grain bullet is constructed using only the best components, making this the match grade ammo to insist upon when consistent performance is essential. In situations where lives are on the line, you can draw your weapon with complete confidence, knowing your skills will not be compromised by your ammo.


Do not engage targets on or near hard to clean surfaces.

Additional Information
Avg: 1356
Bullet Design:
Solid Copper Spun (SCS(R))
OAL: .547 COAL: 1.165
SAAMI Standards:
Loaded 20 Round Box Weight:

8 Reviews

  • Fort Scott 9mm Performance

    Posted by Gary Wilson on 30th Oct 2020

    After testing many defensive bullet designs on many substances I’ve found Fort Scott superior to all others including my Lehigh Xtreme Defense. Superior accuracy, performance, and reliability !

  • 1st time

    Posted by jim bruce on 7th Oct 2020

    Shot some for the 1st time today and they were right on. At 5-20 meters. Not much kick. Looking forward in getting more round when available for my 380 and 45.

  • Defensive Ammo That Works.

    Posted by william woolford on 7th Aug 2020

    I bought a Remington R51 I know I know. Could not find any ammo anywhere so I ordered some of this for this gun. I have had ZERO issues with it running through my gun and it is very accurate with virtually no kick in this gun. A little pricey but is your life worth saving $5-$10 ? Only you can answer that. Good company very Good product and I will continue to support Ft Scott in the Future!

  • 100% reliability

    Posted by Kyle Martin on 20th Sep 2019

    Excellent reliability, zero issues with minimal recoil. The muzzle flash ruins this ammo for me. Huge loud fireballs on every shot with a compact pistol 3.6 inch barrel. I wish this was my carry ammo because of the amazing bullet design, but I won't buy more until they come out with a carry ammo version with low flash. Maybe the 115 grain is better.

  • Light weight fast and fun

    Posted by Charles Hancock on 13th Jul 2019

    Kinda pricey but a hell lot of fun to shoot dead on and no recoil makes my 15 round fully loaded light weight thank you for making this ammo!